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Lagos Socialite Farida Sobowale Attempt Suicide on Third Mainland Bridge

Lagos socialite Farida Sobowale made a suicide attempt on Thursday at the well-known Third Mainland Bridge. She owns the House of Phreedah skincare business in Surulere, Lagos. A video circulating online captures the moment she was prevented from jumping into the Lagoon by individuals who came to her rescue. Dressed in black, she had driven her Lexus SUV to the bridge, left the vehicle, and was on the brink of leaping into the water before being saved.

Sobowale gained attention on social media around two months ago due to her extravagant wedding with her husband, Demola, in Lagos. Speculation is circulating that their marriage has soured, negatively impacting her mental well-being. Allegedly, Demola left their shared home and rekindled a relationship with a former partner he had been involved with before marrying Farida. During his departure, he reportedly insulted Farida, stating that she resembled an elderly woman, using this as a justification for their sexual issues.