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A man seeks sanctuary in a church after being forced out of his residence by his purportedly violent wife.

A Zimbabwean man named Robert Vezha has sought assistance from the Harare Civil Court after being evicted from his residence by his purportedly violent wife.

Robert took the matter to the Harare Civil Court, where he filed for a protection order against his wife, Lucia Vezha. He accused her of subjecting him to both verbal and physical abuse, further alleging that she disposed of their joint property without his consent.

Recounting a distressing incident, Robert described how his wife covered his face with a bucket before assaulting him, resulting in a damaged eardrum. Scheduled for a doctor’s review later this month, he shared that following the attack, he initially sought refuge around the tuck shop area and eventually found shelter in a church.

He expressed, “One day she covered my face with a bucket and assaulted me before chasing me from the house. She damaged my eardrum, and I am going to the doctor for a review on January 22. I started staying around the tuck shop area when she first chased me from the house. Now I’m staying at a church in Dzivaresekwa.”

In her defense, Lucia refuted the claim that she forced her husband out of their matrimonial home. She asserted that upon Robert’s return from Mozambique, he informed her that he had become a prophet and expressed a desire to stay outside to connect with the spirit.

According to Lucia, Robert would voluntarily take his blankets and sleep outside, claiming he wanted to communicate with God. Lucia said her husband has been making up stories to tarnish her image at church and around the neighbourhood.

She said;

“He would take his blankets and sleep outside, telling me that he wants to talk to God. He even reported me kuna Father ku-church that I am chasing him from the house and selling household property.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted the protection order to Robert, instructing Lucia not to force him out of their shared home